Stockholm: Lyckad anti-nazistisk manifestation

hfaSöndag 27 april 2014 samlades uppemot trehundra personer på torget i Hökarängen i Stockholm under parollen ”Hökarängen för alla”.

Manifestationen hölls efter de avslöjanden som Uppdrag granskning gjort om att medlemmar i nazistiska Svenska motståndsrörelsen ska ha anfallit en man och knivhuggit en annan man i Hökarängen i december. Det hela var en mycket lyckad tillställning med fint väder och god stämning.

Ett stöduttalande direkt riktat till en av de drabbade från arrangörerna lästes upp:

Fidel, my name is Johanna, I live in Hökarängen and I’m writing this on behalf of a group of friends and neighbors in Hökarängen.

On the early morning of December 7, I was on my way to work. When I arrived at the metro station I wasn’t allowed to go in, there were signs there that informed me and other early travelers that the police had closed down the station. For a minute I was irritated, because I would be late for work, but then I walked to the next station in Gubbängen and caught the train there. After all, it is just work and nothing bad would happen if I was a little late.

When I sat on the train I started thinking about what could have happened in Hökarängen and I realized it must have been something serious since they closed the station. My second thought was that someone probably got badly hurt. When I later that day saw the small notice on the online news I immediately thought that this was probably a hate crime.

A week later there was another attack, in Kärrtorp where people demonstrated for solidarity and love. The nazis came in many, armed and people got hurt. It was all over the news just minutes after it happened. The attack on you was never mentioned again.

I have just seen the program where you so bravely told about the vicious attack. You say you didn’t know that there was racism in Sweden. It saddens me that you had to learn about it in such a terrible way. I want you to know that there is also a resistance. There is a movement that doesn’t hate, but loves. A movement of antiracist, antifascists, friends and neighbors that wants a change and are willing to fight for it.

After todays episode of Uppdrag Granskning it was confirmed to me that it was a crime of hate, a crime committed because of the color of your skin. And many people are reacting now, Fidel. In anger, in sadness, in chock that this happened in Hökarängen and we did nothing! We knew nothing!

On Sunday, April 27, we will change that. We will meet and tell everyone in Hökarängen about what happened. We are organizing a community manifestation in solidarity and support for you and everyone else that have been affected by the nazis violence and propaganda. I wish you could be there but I understand that you have gone back home. I just wanted to let you know that the crime committed against you will not be forgotten and that we are meeting to spread the message of a Hökarängen that we all want to live in. A community of love, tolerance and peace.

With love,
The people of Hökarängen

Trots den upplyftande stämningen på dagens arrangemang finns det allvarliga nazistiska hotet kvar. Men med ökande fascistisk mobilisering ökar också den antifascistiska mobiliseringen. ¡No pasarán!