Protest outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm: Free Boris Kagarlitsky

Outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm. Photo: Arbetarmakt

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As we have previously reported, Russian authorities have arrested and jailed well-known socialist Boris Kagarlitsky on charges on ”justifying terrorism”. Kagarlitsky now faces up to seven years in prison, and is expected to remain in detention until September 24.

As the international petition calling for Kagarlitsky’s freedom, with signatories including Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Slavoj Žižek, Pussy RIot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova and Jeremy Corbyn, says:

”Boris Kagarlitsky is now among the tens of thousands of Russians subjected to state repression, with many sentenced to long prison terms, others paying massive fines, and still others tortured to death by the police apparatus. His arrest is yet another chain in a wide-ranging crackdown on Russian citizens who dare to oppose a regime that has ”turned out to be incompatible not only with human rights and democratic freedoms but simply with the elementary preservation of the rules of modern civilized existence for the majority of the population,” as Kagarlitsky himself put it recently.”

As part of the international campaign in solidarity with Kagarlitsky, activists from Arbetarmakt, Swedish section of the Fifth International, protested outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm this week, showing our solidarity also with the entire Russian antiwar movement: Free all political prisoners in Russia! Free Boris Kagarlitsky! Russia out of Ukraine!

We call on all socialists and antiwar activists to adopt and/or sign existing petitions in support of Kagarlitsky, and to organise similar protests, in Sweden and globally, for Kagarlitsky’s freedom.