Sweden integrates into the NATO war alliance

Also available in Swedish.

As Sweden is let into NATO, a long standing military and security reality is formalised: Swedish imperialism lines up behind Washington. The alliance existed in practice not just during Sweden’s years as a close U.S. and NATO ally after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Already during the Cold War, Sweden was on the side of the U.S., even if the state officially was neutral and alliance free. Now, the alliance is open and complete, instead of concealed, hypocritical and apprehensive, like before. This is in line with the formation of a new global situation, with increasing competition between imperialist powers. As the U.S. is being challenged, Sweden openly shows which imperialist bloc the country belongs to.

The NATO membership will mean an increased involvement on the side of the U.S. in various military conflicts. It will also mean a strengthened loyalty to reactionary regimes within the American bloc. In particular, the Swedish state will now act as the enemy of groups who fight the Islamist and tyrant Erdoğan in Turkey.

International communists are neutral between the imperialist blocs. We want to see the fall of all imperialist regimes, but naturally concentrate on the enemy at home, because that is the one we primarily can and must develop a struggle against. The coming years, an important task to us is developing an antiimperialist struggle in Sweden against NATO and the NATO wars and interventions, its militaristic chauvinism and its oppression against progressive liberation movements.

  • Dissolve NATO!
  • Smash U.S. imperialism, smash Swedish imperialism!
  • Fight all war mongering and imperialism!
  • Not a crown, not a öre (cent) to the army of the bourgeois state!
  • For an antiimperialist movement that aids the struggle for international socialism – the only way to definitely put an end to the imperialist warlords.