Arbetarmakt/Workers Power is the Swedish section of the League for the Fifth International – L5I. The League is an international association of communists and Trotskyists fighting for a socialist world order free from various forms of oppression. We work as a united and coordinated force across national borders to realize the final words of the Communist Manifesto: workers of all countries unite!

The League develops and disseminates Marxist analysis to counter the ruling class smokescreens. We organize for struggle and participate in battles fought by workers and the oppressed. We seek to develop and radicalize these by applying communist tactics, strategies and programmes. This is done in a systematic and disciplined way. The league and its member sections in different countries take joint decisions at world congresses and international leadership meetings. All member sections support a common international program and follow an international strategy. Becoming a member of Arbetarmakt/Workers Power means first and foremost becoming a member of an international organization of communist militants acting in unison against world capitalism.

The League has sections in Pakistan, the UK, Germany, Austria and Sweden. The L5I also has members and sympathizers but no sections yet in a number of other countries.

The League works to re-establish a revolutionary world party of the working class in all countries. There have been four internationals in the past and we defend the revolutionary heritage of these; Marx and Engels in the First International, Lenin and the Bolsheviks in the Second, the decisions of the early years of the Third International – before the Stalinist degeneration of the Soviet Union destroyed the Third International as well, and the Fourth International until the early 1950s when it split up.

A new workers’ international will not be a direct revival of any of the previous internationals. It should integrate the best revolutionary traditions of the previous ones but will be a new organization which means it will be the Fifth International. The League is not this new international but we are a grouping fighting for its formation as an international party for the world socialist revolution.

A selection of Arbetarmakt’s articles in English is available here.

For more information on the politics and programme of the League for the Fifth International, please see the L5I website. See also the subsection for articles on Sweden, here.

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