Lästips: Kommunister i USA om upproren

Vi vill tipsa våra läsare om tre aktuella artiklar på engelska om de pågående upproren mot kapitalistiskt och rasistiskt polisvåld i USA.

I artikeln Minnesota Not-So-Nice – The Killing of George Floyd skriver vår amerikanske kamrat Jamie Kruger om mordet på George Floyd som blev startskottet för rörelsen:

As with everything else in this continuing crisis of the capitalist system, if it happens for the people, it will only happen because of the people. We will not find answers in black police chiefs, district attorneys who cover for police terror, Democratic Party governors and mayors, or Republican presidents nor will it happen through elections. All of these ”remedies” have been tried for decades and still have not stopped the murder of black citizens by the people who are supposed to ”protect and serve” them. Not even increasing the number of black and minority cops will change anything because being a cop is a function of the system, not an identity that can have an effect on that function or that system.

I Statement on the 2020 rebellion, ett uttalande antaget av Förbundet för Femte Internationalens amerikanska sektion, Workers Power, kan vi läsa:

The time is now to organize local, state, regional, and national councils of action to plan strategy and tactics for the coming battles. The working class, both organized and unorganized, need to take the leading role and put together a plan for fighting back against this terror that’s just a moment away for any of us. This movement needs to be led from below by black youth and workers committed to their own salvation. This is counterposed to the traitors and lawyers who will inevitably take these movements and rebellions and subordinate them to the Democratic Party who then make no substantial efforts to change the underlying substructure of oppression, repression, and death that’s baked into the system. DSA, Jacobin Magazine, and Labor Notes, all more or less mouthpieces for the reformist left in the US, have all been forced by the events of the past days into advocating for positions that are much more militant and revolutionary than they might have been comfortable with before. Times like these will put the ideas of all groups on trial in the eyes of the people. We can only encourage and pressure them to live up to their rhetoric.

Till sist vill vi tipsa om en artikel skriven av våra tyska kamrater Martin Suchanek och Jaqueline Katherina Singh, publicerad på engelska som USA: Self-defence is no Offence! Solidarity with the #blacklivesmatter rebellion (tillgänglig på tyska här), där de krav rörelsen i USA bör ställa diskuteras, liksom krav vi internationalister som kämpar i solidaritet med det USA-amerikanska upproret bör föra upp på agendan:

The present crisis shows the burning need for a party of class struggle, an anti-racist, indeed a revolutionary, party. Mass antiracist and anti-capitalist forces exist and are growing in the US today but, to achieve victory, they need to find the right goal and effective tactics, in short, the right strategy. Only such a party can show the way to victory in these struggles.

The left-wing development of the DSA, the rebellion, the workers’ struggles and the openly anti-racist appearance of grassroots structures in the unions show that there is the potential for such a party today. It must therefore be seized now, in the coming period. Such a party may well not be fully revolutionary from the beginning, but revolutionaries must fight within it from the beginning to form a revolutionary wing within its ranks, to stand up for a programme of action and try to win the majority for a socialist revolution in the USA.

Internationalists worldwide are faced with two central tasks:

To support all those in the USA who are fighting in the streets, that is, to organise solidarity with the movement here too, to support the demonstration and actions of Black-Lives-Matter here, to inform about the struggles of the movement in the USA and to take up defamation by the media and bourgeois forces and at the same time to lead the class struggle against the right, against government and capital with determination.

To support all those who want to build a revolutionary workers’ party in the USA and a new International, who fight for it in the DSA and in the Black Lives Matter and the union movement.

Alla som vill hålla sig à jour med de pågående protesterna i USA, och ta del av revolutionärt trotskistiska analyser av det som sker, uppmanas följa våra amerikanska kamraters hemsida: Workers Power.