Political crisis in Sweden: Strike action is the way forward

Vi har skrivit om las-frågan och regeringskrisen på engelska, för en internationell/engelskspråkig publik:

The leaderships of the LO, the TCO, the Social Democrats and the Left Party have been put to the test. When the working class is faced with threats to our rights and the employers’ side advances its positions everywhere, the path of compromises and concessions will only lead us into ruin. Since the capitalists never cease their efforts to increase our exploitation, the struggle to defend LAS cannot be restricted by the parliamentary considerations of the reformists, or the consensus within the LO if they sell out our rights. A fightback against the attacks through political strikes, whether they come in the form of a betrayal from the LO or through law, will be the first step to win not only the battle for LAS, but to reorganise the workers’ movement under a new leadership that is prepared for future challenges and won’t betray the working class.

Läs hela artikeln på Förbundet för Femte Internationalens hemsida – Political crisis in Sweden: Strike action is the way forward.