Sweden: Government toppled, at last

Vi har skrivit om regeringskrisen och hyreskampen på engelska, för en internationell/engelskspråkig publik:

No matter what comes next, the task for socialists now is to step up that campaign against marketisation of rents on the streets. The political crisis will not be solved by more intrigues, negotiations behind closed doors or yet another press conference. Activists in the Tenants’ Union, the Campaign Against Marketisation of Rents, trade-unionists and organised socialists must make it crystal clear that, whatever government comes next, the marketisation of rents is a red line for us. As the Campaign, which is supported by Arbetarmakt, wrote on Sunday evening: ”We don’t want to see any fake negotiations or treacherous deals made on the backs of renters. We know that seven out of ten Swedes, from all political backgrounds, oppose marketisation of rents. Listen to the people!”.

Läs hela artikeln på Förbundet för Femte Internationalens hemsida – Sweden: Government toppled, at last. Artikeln har även publicerats på tyska hos våra kamrater i ArbeiterInnenmacht: Schweden: Regierung doch noch gestürzt.